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Artisan Creation of your one-of-a-kind jewelry items

Meticulously Hand-Crafted and Polished


About Us

Make a statement with custom handcrafted Sterling Silver jewelry items from THE SILVER HAMMER; We are your Personal Silversmith.

We are your personal 
silversmith in Orefield, Pennsylvania. We started in 1966, we have created Sterling Silver and Gold jewelry pieces for clients throughout the nation — all personalized for the individuals, logo jewelry for business or organizations. From CEOs to grandmothers, kids in schools, to corporations, everyone loves our work. Every single item in our collection is handcrafted to perfection, with items available within eight to ten business days.
Each item is carefully highly polished and shipped with pride. Our fine quality craftsmanship has not changed over time. We are committed to providing you with only the finest Sterling Silver and Gold jewelry and business Logo products available. Check back with us often as we add new products all the time, such as our automotive line. This exclusive collection includes steering wheels, tire tread rings, Mag wheels, engine parts, and fun automotive items — all in Sterling Silver!

We’re dedicated to excellence and precision – two things that have taken us far in our craft and we pride ourselves on our work, doing whatever it takes to get the work done right.